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Seneca's Nightly Review Rehearse In his essay "On Anger", Seneca offers a description of a nightly exercise from the Skeptic philosopher Sextius. He writes, "That is what Sextius used to do: at the close of the day, when he retired to his nightly rest, he used to pose questions to his mind: 'What fault of yours have you cured today? What defect have you resisted? In what way are you better?' A person will cease from anger and be more moderate if he knows that every day he has to come before himself as judge. What therefore is more wonderful than this habit of unfolding the entire day?" (On Anger, 3.36) Use this exercise to reflect on your own character as it unfolded over the course of the day and in particular to, as Seneca writes, to "pardon yourself." And to remember to be grateful for today, since there is always a possibility that tomorrow you will not wake up again.
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Quotations from Stoic Philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus
How delightful the sleep that follows this self-examination --