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Marcus Aurelius' Invitation to Perspective Rehearse One of Marcus Aurelius' most frequent exercise-practices is a reflection on the puniness of mortal indignations, vexations and frustrations in the light of the insane scope of the cosmos and infinity. This exercise invites you to reflect on the comparitive scope of your life and vexations in time and space. He writes, "Reflect often upon the speed with which all things in being, or coming into being, are carried past and swept away. Existence is like a river in ceaseless flow, its actions a constant succession of change, its causes innumerable in their variety: scarcely anything stands still, even what is most immediate. Reflect too on the yawning gulf of past and future time, in which all things vanish. So in all this it must be folly for anyone to be puffed with ambition, racked in struggle, or indignant at his lot -- as if this was anything lasting or likely to trouble him for long." (5.23)
Global Exercise
Quotations from Stoic Philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus
Think of the whole of existence, of which you are the tiniest part...