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Seneca's Transformation of Pain Into Information Practice It Pain is information for us to help us learn where we can grow. In his essay "On Providence", Seneca writes, "You have asked me, Lucilus, why, if a Providence rules the world, it still happens that ...
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Seneca's Cure for Anger Practice It "Seneca's Anger Explorer" is an exercise to explore our anger, and this exercise, "Seneca's Cure for Anger", is aimed at healing it. This exercise also includes a question from Marcus Aurelius as h...
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Seneca's Nightly Review Practice It In his essay "On Anger", Seneca offers a description of a nightly exercise from the Skeptic philosopher Sextius. He writes, "That is what Sextius used to do: at the close of the day, when he retire...
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Seneca's Explore Your Anger Practice It Seneca considers anger the most dangerous passion and the one that is most important to learn, through philosophical practice, to ameliorate. He dedicates his play "Medea" to an exploration of a my...
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